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We know, we know. Another travel blog written by privileged, white Americans.

Specifically, though, we are Tyler and Ruth, a couple of amateur travelers/newlyweds. 

We are based in the Silicon Valley but spend most of our time venturing out of the Bay Area. We do both have full time jobs, so we’ve made it our obsession to master the art of escaping whenever and however we can.

If we are going to shell out the cash (and use every last day of PTO) to go explore somewhere new, we want to maximize our time. Make every hour count.

We’ve all been there. You get off the train in a city you’ve never been, and suddenly your mind goes blank. You nervously shift your backpack straps up and wonder if anyone is staring at you. You’re disoriented, have no idea where your hotel is (did you even book a hotel?), and your stomach is growling. You stumble across the street from the train station and stuff your face with some plastic, gimmicky cuisine, hail a cab, and pass out in your hotel for two hours. You spend the next day or two aimlessly wandering, the map from your hotel front desk crumpled in your hand, not knowing exactly what to see or do.

You get the idea. 

We would love to say that we know every single great restaurant and sight to see in every city we’ve been to. We don’t. We would also love to say that we have completely immersed ourselves and assimilated into the cultures of the places that we’ve explored. We haven’t.

But that’s what this blog is about. We are doing our best to see and experience the very best of each place we go to. Sometimes we will, sometimes we won’t. But what’s the point of trial and error if you are the only ones learning from it?

The title of the blog is inspired by our honeymoon in Italy a couple of years ago. It was the first international trip we took together. We will never forget running through the streets of Rome and taking in the beauty of each turn, doing our best to make the most of each second we had.

Please learn from our successes and failures, and take them into consideration when planning your next big adventure. 

And we promise to never use the word wanderlust.

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