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Welcome to Rome by the Hour: a travel and lifestyle blog. 

Who we are

I’m Ruth, and my husband Tyler and I launched this site in 2017 as a way of documenting and sharing our travels. 

I do most of the writing and editing around here. In addition to writing (and travel, obviously), I love reading, working out, watching NFL football, and taking care of my loved ones in a borderline obnoxious way.

Tyler takes most of our photos and helps a ton on the business side of the blog and technical side of the website. He’s passionate about entrepreneurship, business, fitness, and going to shockingly extreme lengths to make me laugh.

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Our story + why we started Rome by the Hour

Tyler and I met in college and were friends for four years before we started dating our senior year (maybe we’ll share the whole story here someday). We graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2014 made our way to the Silicon Valley before getting married in 2015.

We quickly found ourselves restless and smothered by the traffic-inundated and work-obsessed culture of the Bay Area. We spent most of our weekends escaping the hustle and bustle and stayed up way too late most nights scheming and planning our next big adventure.

Though we both have always had the bug, we LOVED traveling together. And after a couple of years of exploring and several months of brainstorming, we launched Rome by the Hour in early 2017.

The title of the blog is inspired by our honeymoon in Italy a couple of years ago. It was the first international trip we took together. We will never forget running through the streets of Rome and taking in the beauty of each turn, doing our best to make the most of each second we had.

We used the creative outlet to keep ourselves sane from our day jobs. And we have had so much fun documenting our travels and sharing what we’ve learned along the way. 

Life lately 

After four years of Bay Area living, we recently relocated to San Diego and had a baby! Leave it to us to squeeze in multiple life changes in the span of a month or two. We’ve been very busy (but happily) adjusting to our new life with Charlotte and have been falling in love with our corner of North San Diego County.

As our lives have evolved, the blog has too. Tyler still helps with the business side and behind the scenes, but I have taken over most of our content creation.

I’ve started to post more about our day-to-day on Rome by the Hour, both here on our blog as well as on my Instagram page.

While travel is our absolute favorite thing (and the cornerstone of RBTH), we’ve started to share more about the things that we care about and that are consuming our days lately: business and entrepreneurship, health and wellness, navigating parenthood (help!), and living with more intention.

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