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spring 2021 book list

Recent Favorite Reads: Spring 2021

Today I’m sharing a list of the best books I read this past spring.  My goal for the last three years has been ro read 30 books, so I thought it was time to level up to 40 for this year. I’m trending just slightly ahead of schedule which is nice, and I’ve basically been...

amazon skincare

The Best Affordable Skincare Products on Amazon

This week I’m sharing my favorite skincare products from Amazon.  While inching closer to 30 years old doesn’t really bother me (I am, in fact, very excited), I’ve started slowly bringing out the skincare big guns. Aging doesn’t worry me as long as I look good, is that vain of me to say? Yes, it...

postpartum fitness

My Tips for Getting in Shape after Having a Baby

Today I’m sharing my tips for how to get in shape after having a baby.  Becoming a mother has been the single most harrowing, humbling, and beautiful transition I’ve ever gone through–and, likely, will ever go through.  Almost all at once, I became the provider and caretaker, both physically and emotionally, for another person (and...

San Diego travel guide

My San Diego Bucket List for Summer

Today I’m sharing my San Diego bucket list for summer. Cheesy, sure, but bear with me.  I’ve never done a post like this before!  Normally, my travel posts/guides center around things we’ve actually done and enjoyed or restaurants that we loved, etc. Today’s post is a departure in that a lot of this list includes...

the best coffee shops in Solana beach

The Best cafes and Coffee Shops in Solana Beach

For today’s post, I’m sharing a list of our favorite cafes and coffee shops in Solana Beach.  Solana Beach has a special place in my heart because it’s where Charlotte takes ballet class every Wednesday. (If you read this update about Char from a few weeks ago, you know it’s the highlight of her week). ...