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Versailles, France

A Workaholic’s Guide to Versailles

Am I mad about spending so much time in France for work? I’ll answer that strategically: it’s better than China. By the way, if you’re confused about the format or purpose of this post, see my first Workaholic’s guide. In all reality, I have very little time to explore. However, similar to my last trip...

Paris, France

A Workaholic’s Guide to Paris

As luck would have it, I recently traveled for work back to France. I spent most of my time a few hours outside of Paris. Typically I spend most of my time abroad for work in Asia, so it’s always a nice breath of fresh air (literally) to travel elsewhere. I did have a little...

Chase Sapphire Reserve points half moon bay

How We Used Our Chase Sapphire Reserve Points to Pay for Our Next Trip

We spend a LOT of time researching to get the best value for our money as much as possible because we definitely do not have any amount of disposable travel cash. This is not necessarily to say that we are “budget” backpackers. Though we love a good deal, we’ve pretty much moved on from hostels...

Hong Kong

A Workaholic’s Guide to Hong Kong

Before I get into my top picks for Hong Kong, I wanted to give some background for this post. We eloquently state in our Instagram bio, “follow our attempts to escape the silicon valley.” The fact that Ruth and I both have full-time jobs in the Bay Area is one of the many reasons why...

Gengenbach, Black Forest, Germany

Exploring the Black Forest Like You Know What You’re Doing

After Switzerland, we set off for the Black Forest. Okay, team. I know Ruth has been carrying the load around here. Let’s be honest. She has the brain, brawn, and beauty of this dynamic to be sure. I do, however, value my role as number two. The Black Forest lies on the German side of...