Bath time with Charlotte

tubby Todd bath review

Bath time is one of my favorite times of the day. And although she hasn’t mentioned this explicitly, I think it’s Charlotte’s favorite too. 

Every night after her dinner, we usually play or read a few stories until we decide we are done for the day. Either Tyler or I will say, “Ok it’s bath time!!,” and I’ll take her hair out and take off whatever article of clothing made it through the day without being ripped off and doused with stain remover. 

Then she DEAD SPRINTS to our bathroom. But lately, when she gets about halfway there, she stops in her tracks, carefully removes her diaper, and then scurries the rest of the way towards the bath. She usually pees on the tile while Tyler is heating up the water. 

No matter how hyper or cranky she is, the second she hits those bubbles, she relaxes. She plays with her toys, chats quietly with Tyler, pours water on herself, and just really leans into bath culture you know? 

tubby todd product review

We have used Tubby Todd bath products since Charlotte was born and absolutely love them. 

All of Tubby Todd’s products are clean and created for babies with sensitive skin (Sorry Char, you got my genes there I think). Also, they are family-owned and based in San Diego! 

tubby todd product review

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The lavender and rosemary body wash smells like heaven and is now such a nostalgic scent for me. 

While she’s soaking in her kingdom, I get her nursery ready for bed. I close the curtains, pick up all her books and stuffed animals, lay out her jammies, and then set out all of her post-bath products and toothbrush. 

Then I go back in the bathroom with her hooded towel and Tyler hoists her out of the bath and hands her to me. I wrap her up close, and she becomes a newborn again for 15 seconds. I don’t know what it is, but right after she gets out of the bath she gets SO snuggly and yawns and rubs her eyes and lays her head on me and makes all these cute noises. I hope she never stops doing it. 

tubby todd review

After her bath, I put the Tubby Todd Everyday Lotion all over her while Tyler brushes her teeth. I use the Lavender and Eucalyptus Chest Rub–which is basically a clean Vicks vapor rub–even when she’s not sick because it’s a part of her routine and it smells SO GOOD. 

I use the All Over Ointment (we swear by this stuff) on her if she has a diaper rash or anything else weird on her skin. Then we get her dressed and in her sleep sack, give her a sip of water, and she puts her head right down on Tyler’s shoulder for her prayers and lullaby. It is pure bliss. 

bath time with tubby todd

Tyler and I say goodnight, leave the room, and head out to relax and have dinner. And then usually within five minutes, we miss her already. 

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