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40 weeks pregnant

Due Date Update

I can’t believe it. It’s our due date today! It seems like the past nine months have flown by, but it also seems like I’ve been pregnant forever. Can anyone relate? I was honestly planning on doing another pregnancy update of sorts well before this. I was also planning on keeping up with our blog...

20 week pregnancy update

20 Week Pregnancy Update

I can’t believe we are halfway there!  When we found out back in February, I remember thinking that the end of October seemed years away. You can read more about how we found out about the baby here (video of me surprising Tyler included) and about our gender reveal here. Each milestone has been so...

Gender Reveal in Maui

Gender Reveal in Hawaii

We are back from our very first trip to Hawaii, and let me first just say I GET IT NOW. It’s paradise. Maui blew us away (more about Maui on our guide here).  Looking back–and still refusing to put my sunscreen away (I just like to smell it, ok?)–this was by far my favorite trip...

pregnancy announcement, san luis obispo

We’re Having a Baby!!

It’s true. I’m pregnant! Tyler and I are expecting our first baby, due at the end of October. We are SO excited and feel overwhelmingly grateful for this precious gift. We’ve loved being able to use this blog to share with those who have chosen to follow along as we haphazardly figure out the world....