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Adelaide itinerary

What to Do With 2 Days in Adelaide, Australia

We loved exploring South Australia and discovered some amazing wine tasting, coastal views, and psycho kangaroos. Our 2 days in Adelaide flew by, and we have so many recommendations to share from the area.

Perfect Sydney Itinerary

The Perfect 3 Day Sydney Itinerary

On our recent trip to Australia, Tyler and I met my sister Miriam in Sydney for a few days to explore. As we planned for our recent trip, a lot of people told us that Melbourne is the place to be. However, we thought Sydney was absolutely gorgeous. We think it’s an essential stop on any itinerary for a trip to Australia.

What to do in Bondi Beach, Australia

What to Do in Bondi Beach, Australia

At the beginning of this month, Tyler and I flew to Australia to visit my little sister Miriam. Mir has been playing basketball for a team in Adelaide since February, and we really wanted to take the opportunity to see her and explore Australia all together.