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Salzburg Christmas Market

The Best Christmas Markets in Europe

Visiting the Christmas markets in Europe is one of my favorite things Tyler and I have done together. The holiday season tends to bring out the best and worst in humanity in the U.S. Let’s be real, it tends to bring out the best and worst in me, too. One second I’m humming “Silent Night,”...

Gengenbach, Black Forest, Germany

Exploring the Black Forest Like You Know What You’re Doing

After Switzerland, we set off for the Black Forest. Okay, team. I know Ruth has been carrying the load around here. Let’s be honest. She has the brain, brawn, and beauty of this dynamic to be sure. I do, however, value my role as number two. The Black Forest lies on the German side of...

English Garden Bikes Munich

48 Hours in Munich

I wasn’t that excited to go to Munich. I had heard mixed reviews from friends who had visited, I thought it would be a tad boring to not be there during Oktoberfest, and yes, ok, I was a little biased by the 1972 Olympics. Who can blame me?? Luckily for me and my stubborn self,...