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how to get the southwest companion pass

How to get the Southwest Companion Pass

TLDR: If you’re here to find out how to get the highly-coveted Southwest Companion Pass, click this link to apply for the Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know that we’ve walked through some major life changes recently. We bought a house, moved to San Diego, and had...

Amsterdam, Netherlands, Mobile Passport

Mobile Passport vs. Global Entry

Ruth recently shared one of the worst-kept travel tips secrets out there: TSA PreCheck. For everyone out there that rolled their eyes because they’ve known about TSA PreCheck since 2005, I’m about to one-up my better half. While TSA PreCheck is life-changing and an absolute must for every traveler, there is another travel hack that...

San Francisco TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck: What You Need To Know

You know what my least favorite spot in the world is? The security line at the airport. I mean, what’s worse than the panic of being stuck at the back of the line while your flight boards? I truly believe that the worst of humanity comes to the surface in the security line. First, we...


The Beginner’s Guide to Europe

The ever-giving Facebook memory feature reminded me this week of my very first trip to Europe, a three-month stint in Spain during the first quarter of my senior year of college. I had somehow finagled my way into a situation wherein my participation in a study abroad program in Spain would allow me to graduate...