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la jolla travel guide

La Jolla Travel Guide

Short on time? Follow this link to a Google Maps version of our La Jolla guide with all of our favorite spots labeled! You can “follow” the guide, and the saved locations will automatically transfer to your own Google Maps account. It’s been about six months since we sold our place in Oceanside and moved...

best coffee shops in carlsbad california

The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Carlsbad

Tyler and I (and Charlotte) have had a blast exploring San Diego this year.  One of my big goals for the blog is to start documenting our most beloved spots in San Diego now too. And what better way to start than by sharing our picks for the five best coffee shops in Carlsbad?  But...

how to camp with a baby

Camping with a Baby in Yosemite

(Skip the saga and scroll to the bottom if you’re here for the tips for camping with a baby in Yosemite).  Tyler and I have always (usually) been optimistic. We make bold decisions and truly do believe that everything is going to turn out fine.  Most of the time, this optimism is one of our...

Hat, Shell Beach, Central Coast

Things to Do in Pismo Beach

Tyler and I will always hold the Central Coast of California in a special place in our hearts. We went to school in San Luis Obispo where we were friends for years before we started dating our senior year.

Where to stay in Healdsburg

What To Do In Healdsburg, California

Tyler and I have lived in the South Bay Area in California for almost four years now. We are very blessed with great jobs that have kept us in the Silicon Valley (at least for the time being).