The Best Coffee Shops in Encinitas

The Best Coffee Shops in Encinitas

Today’s blog post is another contribution to my San Diego archives, as I bring you a list of what Tyler and I believe to be the best coffee shops in Encinitas. 

Encinitas is one of our favorite areas in San Diego. The beaches are absolutely stunning, and the town itself is a little more low key than some of the beach cities further south like La Jolla and Del Mar. 

We’ve spent a lot of time exploring Encinitas and the surrounding area with the girls. 

Encinitas coffee shops

Tthe best part about living in San Diego is that we can spend almost every weekend of the year outside. I love that my girls are growing up by the ocean and that they are able to bask in the sunshine for hours on end each day (with ample SPF, of course). 

We love a Coffee Shop Outing in this family. Tyler gets a cold brew, I get an iced almond milk latte (usually), and Char gets a muffin. It’s a little weekend tradition that I hope we always continue. 

the best coffee shops in Encinitas

These are our favorite coffee shops in Encinitas. I decided to include Leucadia and Cardiff, so I’ll work my way North to South with this list. Also, I threw some cafes in here, too (girl’s gotta eat). 


Pannikin: This quaint coffee shop and bakery is housed in a converted railroad station on PCH in Leucadia. Pannikin has the best vibes, tons of outdoor seating, and offers a huge selection of desserts to take home on your way out. 

Nectarine Grove: This cafe is one of my favorite places to eat lunch in North County. They have a coffee bar and serve AMAZING healthy food (tons of paleo, gluten-free, and vegan choices).  I always grab a pack of their paleo English muffins while I’m there–they are insanely good, and Char loves them too. 


Lofty Coffee Roasting Works: Lofty is one the best coffee shops in all of San Diego, in my opinion. They have a few different locations now, but the best one is at their roasting location in Encinitas. They have tons of outdoor seating, and it doesn’t get as congested as the smaller Lofty coffee shop across the street. I always order an iced salted caramel latte with almond milk, half sweet. It’s heavenly. The roasting works does serve food, but the shop across the street carries the full menu. 

lofty coffee in Encinitas
the best coffee in San Diego

Ironsmith: Ironsmith is a hip little spot in downtown Encinitas. They have some really fun specialty drinks and incredible bagged coffee, too.  


Goodonya: This is another really healthy cafe in downtown. Goodonya serves delicious salads, sandwiches, and coffee. They also have tons of cute drinks and to-go pastries that you can grab at the front when you order. Also, I am on the verge of signing up for their wine club.  


Pipes Cafe: Pipes Cafe is one of our favorite spots. They have the BEST breakfast burritos (ask for extra salsa, trust me), and their black coffee is what foggy Saturday morning dreams are made of. Sometimes I like to order the scramble plate to split with Charlotte. We like to order to-go and walk either over to Glen Park or across PCH to the beach.

Bump Coffee: Located around the corner from Pipes in Cardiff (and right next to VG Donuts, a San Diego staple), Bump is a tiny coffee shop that serves pourover and empanadas (have not tried one yet but obviously need to ASAP). 

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