The Best cafes and Coffee Shops in Solana Beach

the best coffee shops in Solana beach

For today’s post, I’m sharing a list of our favorite cafes and coffee shops in Solana Beach. 

Solana Beach has a special place in my heart because it’s where Charlotte takes ballet class every Wednesday. (If you read this update about Char from a few weeks ago, you know it’s the highlight of her week). 

Tyler and I switch off taking her to ballet, and we both always find an excuse to grab a coffee before or after. Now that she’s been taking class for about 9 months, we’ve managed to make the rounds of coffee shops in Solana Beach, lol. 

Tucked between Encinitas and Del Mar, Solana Beach is the dreamiest little beach town. The local restaurant and shopping scene is amazing, and we love walking up and down Cedro’s on the weekends. Note: this is a great place to bring your mother-in-law while she’s visiting. 

(FYI! I also have coffee shop guides to Carlsbad and Encinitas because no amount of caffeine is ever enough **types with shaky hands**.) 

Heading to Solana Beach with kids? My suggestion is to grab a coffee and a treat and then make your way over to Fletcher Cove Beach Park

Our favorite Cafes and coffee shops in Solana Beach

Claires on Cedros + Claires too: Claire’s is an awesome breakfast spot, and we’ve eaten here with my family a handful of times over the years. Personally, my favorite item on the menu is the Caprese Frittata–they put this pesto on it that’s insane. Claire’s also has a little coffee shop next door called Claire’s Too. They have yummy grab-and-go food and coffee–the loaves here are our fave. 

Lofty: A San Diego institution, Lofty is home to what might be my favorite iced latte in the county (salted caramel with almond milk, half sweet). Tyler loves the cold brew here maybe more than he loves me, and Charlotte always asks for a banana muffin. 

Barefoot: This is your quintessential trendy millennial hot spot. Barefoot has a ton of fun choices on the menu, but the coffee here isn’t quite as good as Lofty, in my opinion. They do have a really nice big patio, and it’s a cute place to meet up with a friend and get a healthy dose of goldendoodle watching in (if you’re into that kind of thing). 

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Madeleine Cafe + Bakery: I was going over my list for this post with my friends who live in this dreamy condo on the water in Solana Beach, and they told me that I absolutely had to add Madeleine Cafe to it. So last weekend I dragged Tyler, the girls, and my mother in law up to Solana Beach to grab lunch here. Guys, this place is amazing. AMAZING. The owner is French and everything on the menu is incredible (trust me, we ordered almost everything on it lol). The ham is so good and the pastries are just exquisite. 

madeleine Solana beach bakery
best coffee shops in Solana beach

Cafe LaTerre: This was the other place my friends made me add to this list, and I’m so glad they did. Though it’s location is rather unassuming–a walk-up window wedged between CVS and a salon–Cafe LaTerre packs a punch with killer espresso. This is a great spot to swing through if you’re in a rush or on a bike ride along PCH. 

Swami’s: Another San Diego chain, Swami’s is your classic American beachy diner, the type of place your dad suggests when you and your sisters want to go to a fancy brunch. But your dad has good taste, honestly, because Swami’s is actually really good. We like the coffee here a lot too. 

Choice: This isn’t a coffee shop but it’s one of my favorite spots in San Diego–they have locations in Carlsbad, Del Mar, and Little Italy too. I LOVE their smoothies so much. Choice uses super clean ingredients and has the best vegan pastries and granola for their bowls. My favorite smoothie here is the Chocolate Superhero (I always ask for a handful of spinach in mine). Tyler likes the Mint Chip and my sister likes the Warrior, but you truly can’t go wrong. I like to order ahead because they can be a little slow when they are busy. 

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A few of my other favorite spots in Solana Beach that aren’t related to coffee/breakfast: Alce 101 (cocktails and a fun date night), Native Poppy (the flower shop your wife follows on Instagram, you’re welcome), and SoLo (has the cutest baby and children’s section!). 

Also, the Sunday afternoon Farmers’ Market is on my bucket list for this summer. 

Let me know if I missed anything you love in Solana Beach, and, as always, I’ll keep adding to this post as I find more spots! 

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