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40 weeks pregnant

due date

I can’t believe it. It’s our due date today! It seems like the past nine months have flown by, but it also seems like I’ve been pregnant forever. Can anyone relate?

I was honestly planning on doing another pregnancy update of sorts well before this. I was also planning on keeping up with our blog in general.

I’ll be the first to be annoyed when bloggers are like “Hey guys! So sorry I’ve been MIA, yada yada”… but it’s been almost two months since we’ve posted on Instagram. And up until I finally got our Adelaide guide up the other day, we haven’t touched the blog either.

I won’t bore you with the details today, but we’ve had a lot of life change (besides being pregnant) this summer and fall.  I was starting to feel overwhelmed with keeping up with my actual job, life stuff, AND posting on social media and the blog.

So, nothing dramatic, but just a choice to put one thing on the shelf while I tried to teach myself to relax in any down time I had these past few months.

Anyway, things have calmed down the past week or so, and Tyler and I have been getting settled and preparing to meet our little girl.

We aren’t really seeing any signs that she’s coming anytime soon, and apparently it’s very common that the first baby comes late. I am trying to just enjoy this time with Tyler and not let myself get impatient yet. For all we know we still have two more weeks of this!

dude date update

Second Half of Pregnancy Recap

If you missed my 20-week pregnancy update, you can read more here. But to sum it up, this pregnancy has been pretty easy compared to what a lot of women go through.

I managed to squeak by without any real morning sickness but spent most of my first trimester nodding off at work and slothing around my apartment. The second trimester was a lot better and we traveled to Hawaii and Australia during that time. And the third trimester has been a lot of gaining weight and burning the candle at both ends.

I just hit my 50 lb mark. I think I mentioned in my first post that I figured I’d gain at least 50 lbs, but it’s definitely very surreal to step on the scale and hear the nurse say it out loud. LOL.

I’m trying to preemptively calm myself down about losing the weight. I know I’ll be fine, but I just need to accept that my body is BUILDING ANOTHER BODY. That is truly a miracle, and it’s okay if I look different after this.

I kept up with my barre class 3-4 times per week until 36 weeks, and since then I’ve adapted walking as my primary form of exercise.

I’m still eating a lot of pizza but inexplicably haven’t had as big of a sweet tooth (usually) as I did earlier in the pregnancy.

Otherwise, my ribs and back ache if I sit for too long, so working all day really took a toll on me. Since I’ve been on leave the past few weeks, I’ve actually felt a LOT better physically than I did the first half of my third trimester.

due date update 40 weeks

Getting Ready for Labor and Delivery

This section will be short. I really am more of a “worry about it when it comes” gal, so researching and typing up a birth plan was never something I was interested in.

I love to hear my friends’ birth stories and have been asking them lots of questions, but I know it would do more harm than good if I opened the can of worms that is Google to try to prepare me for what’s to come.

I love my doctor, I’d love to get an epidural, and besides that I’m praying that everything goes as smooth as possible.

I just want her out and safe ASAP, you know? I don’t really care about anything else. Will report back on if I recommend this strategy after the fact.

Preparing for Parenthood

Again, short. Lots of prayer, lots of talking to friends.

Similarly to the birth plan, I feel like everything will be the exact opposite of what I’m picturing. All I know is that it will involve very little sleep, a lot of cuddling, and a lot of trusting God.

Tyler and I are hoping to get her on a sleep schedule as soon as we can, so we did read Babywise which was recommended to us by a few different people. I can jive with the philosophy but obviously can’t comment on if it will work for us yet!

I know how crazy things are about to get, so I am just doing my best to savor my time left with Tyler. I’m hormonal and starting to get emotional about that (and everything else). Tyler is constantly having to reassure me (usually half asleep while I’m wide awake and whimpering next to him) that “yes, it will still be us. It will be us but better.”

due date update

Of everything I’m feeling, I’m mostly just SO excited to meet her. And to hold her. And the thought of Tyler holding her makes me want to rip my heart out. I can’t even bear it.

freshly picked moccs
P.S. Speaking of ripping my heart out, how adorable are these moccasins for Charlotte from Freshly Picked??

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