Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Why are men so hard to shop for? 

Growing up, my dad specifically forbade us from buying him gifts. He always said, “why would I let you spend money on me when I’m the one you come to when you run out?” 

To this day, I still really struggle with what to buy for my dad. He’s a very “no nonsense” type of person and basically buys himself whatever he thinks he needs. 

Tyler is a little easier because he never buys himself anything, so I usually have some kind of running list of ideas of what I think he’d want. But still. 

I put together a little list of some gift ideas because we can all use some inspo, right? Some of these are pricier but would make good sibling group gifts. Others are less expensive and would pair nicely with a gift card or baseball tickets, etc. 

Here are a few Father’s Day gift ideas:

  1. Vuori Kore Shorts: If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you can’t go wrong with Vuori shorts. Tyler wears them every second of every day. He has several pairs of the Kore style which are lined and just recently got a couple of the unlined Banks style. I love all of the prints they have right now for summer. 
  1. Nike Slides: Most of the young adults in my family are playing in a co-ed basketball league together right now (I think I’m supposed to be the team mom?), so I thought these slides would be a cute gift for Tyler to wear to and from the gym. I always sense a twinge of jealousy from him when I head out of the house in my slides to barre class, so I think he’d appreciate these. 
  1. Precision Pro Golf Range Finder: Tyler mentioned offhandedly several years ago that he loved our brother-in-law’s range finder, and I impressed myself when I fished that out of the stores of my memory and got him one for his birthday last year. He LOVES it. I don’t really get what this is, but I do know that it’s a great gift for a man who loves to golf. 
  1. Rogue Weighted Vest: This has been on my “gift ideas for Ty” list for years, and I feel like this would make a perfect present for the garage gym rat type of dad. 
  1. Stanley Water Bottle: While I remain firm in my stance that the 40 oz Adventure Quencer from Stanley is vastly overrated (who can deal with the instant puddles every time it spills over?!), I absolutely love this Flip Straw Tumbler that my bestie got me for my birthday. And since dads need hydration too, I think this would make a great little gift for Father’s Day. 
  1. The Cooking Guild Knife Set: I’d gift this extremely intense knife set to a dad who loves to cook or barbecue. 
  2. Yeti Cooler: Kind of bougie, kind of outdoorsy, this Yeti cooler is the perfect gift for the man who likes a cold beverage nearby at all times. This cooler is perfect for camping, tailgating, beaching, and golfing, right?
  1. REI Beach Chairs: Tyler and I have this running joke about the list of ways we aren’t adults yet, and one thing on that list is the fact that we still don’t own beach chairs. Maybe this is the year I’ll splurge on these for his present and we will finally be able to lounge with dignity? 

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