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Recent Favorite Reads: Spring 2021

spring 2021 book list

Today I’m sharing a list of the best books I read this past spring.  My goal for the last three years has been ro read 30 books, so I thought it was time to level up to 40 for this year. I’m trending just slightly ahead of schedule which is nice, and I’ve basically been trying to read one book a week in order to stay on top of my progress. For more of my tips on how to read more books, check out this post.  I have to say that I have read so many amazing books this year....

The Best Affordable Skincare Products on Amazon

amazon skincare

This week I’m sharing my favorite skincare products from Amazon.  While inching closer to 30 years old doesn’t really bother me (I am, in fact, very excited), I’ve started slowly bringing out the skincare big guns. Aging doesn’t worry me as long as I look good, is that vain of me to say? Yes, it is. Just ignore me.  And while I have certainly made my share of skincare splurges this past year, I love finding affordable products and tools. Gives me a real thrill.  Here is a list of my favorite skincare items from Amazon. I’ve been using most...

My Tips for Getting in Shape after Having a Baby

postpartum fitness

Today I’m sharing my tips for how to get in shape after having a baby.  Becoming a mother has been the single most harrowing, humbling, and beautiful transition I’ve ever gone through–and, likely, will ever go through.  Almost all at once, I became the provider and caretaker, both physically and emotionally, for another person (and then another one). That responsibility, that gift, transformed every part of my identity.  I gained over 55 lbs with each of my two pregnancies, so this subject is near and dear to my heart. Seeing my body change so drastically was disorienting, to say the...

My San Diego Bucket List for Summer

San Diego travel guide

Today I’m sharing my San Diego bucket list for summer. Cheesy, sure, but bear with me.  I’ve never done a post like this before!  Normally, my travel posts/guides center around things we’ve actually done and enjoyed or restaurants that we loved, etc. Today’s post is a departure in that a lot of this list includes things we haven’t done yet.  What can I say? I’m a little eager over here.  With the pandemic putting a pause to our exploration of San Diego this last year, I’ve been ITCHING to get out and about. I am so excited for this summer,...

The Best cafes and Coffee Shops in Solana Beach

the best coffee shops in Solana beach

For today’s post, I’m sharing a list of our favorite cafes and coffee shops in Solana Beach.  Solana Beach has a special place in my heart because it’s where Charlotte takes ballet class every Wednesday. (If you read this update about Char from a few weeks ago, you know it’s the highlight of her week).  Tyler and I switch off taking her to ballet, and we both always find an excuse to grab a coffee before or after. Now that she’s been taking class for about 9 months, we’ve managed to make the rounds of coffee shops in Solana Beach,...

Summer Packing List

Summer Packing List

It’s not too soon for this, is it?  I am the type of person who, for better or worse, begins planning my outfits for a trip well before I even book the flights for it.  Tyler and I are jetting off on a romantic getaway in a few weeks, and let’s just say I have spent a LOT of time methodically mapping out my wardrobe.  I also feel like this trip is my coming out party, lol.  Carrying, birthing, and nursing a second child all in the midst of a pandemic has been kind of intense.  Now that I’m (almost...

Two (and a Half) Years with Charlotte Tyler

Two (and a Half) Years with Charlotte Tyler

Okay, please just humor me here.  When Charlotte turned two years old last November, we had just sold our house in Oceanside and moved to University City. I also had a very needy newborn on my hands.  I managed to throw Char a little family ballerina birthday party, but that was about all I could pull together. I took a couple months off from blog posts and to focus on my sanity, Emmie’s weight gain and reflux issues, and helping guide Charlotte through some big life transitions.  SO, I never posted a two year update about Char, and although I...

The Best Coffee Shops in Encinitas

The Best Coffee Shops in Encinitas

Today’s blog post is another contribution to my San Diego archives, as I bring you a list of what Tyler and I believe to be the best coffee shops in Encinitas.  Encinitas is one of our favorite areas in San Diego. The beaches are absolutely stunning, and the town itself is a little more low key than some of the beach cities further south like La Jolla and Del Mar.  We’ve spent a lot of time exploring Encinitas and the surrounding area with the girls.  Tthe best part about living in San Diego is that we can spend almost every...

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