How I Tint my Brows and Lashes at Home

at home lash tinting

In today’s episode of niche beauty, I’m talking about how I tint my eyebrows and eyelashes at home. 

I posted about this on Instagram last week and was surprised by how many people reached out with questions! So I thought I’d do a little post and walk through how I do it and which kit I use, etc. 

I have been tinting at home for a few years now, but my sisters actually both started doing this before me. So I’ll give them the credit for today’s tips. 

Our lashes and brows are super light/blonde, so tinting has been a lifesaver. I just feel a little more put together and less washed out when I have some definition on my brows and lashes. 

I would recommend tinting to those with lighter lashes or maybe even just to someone who is sick of filling in their brows/applying mascara every morning. 

Tinting at home may seem intimidating, but once you get the hang of it it’s actually super easy. I think this post will cover everything, but please reach out if you have any questions! 

(Also, please note that I am NOT a professional–proceed with caution and take my tips with a grain of salt, per usual!!). 

My Tips for at-Home Brow and Lash Tinting

Kit from Amazon 

One of the best parts about tinting at home is how inexpensive it is! Getting a tint at a brow bar or spa can be pricey, so doing this myself has saved a lot of money (hear that, Ty?). 

I like this kit from Amazon. I recommend purchasing the full kit first so you have the little glass and the color developer liquid, and then you can just buy the tube of dye itself when you need a refill since that usually runs out first. The full kit costs $26 and the dye tube costs $9. 

Also, I prefer to use a disposable mascara wand to apply both the brow and lash dye. For some reason this feels easier to me than the brush the kit comes with. I bought this pack of 100 wands forever ago, and I’ve barely made a dent. 


I use “natural brown” on my brows and “blue black” on my eye lashes. While the color is developing, the light brown looks dark red and the blue black looks purple. Both can be jarring, but don’t be alarmed. The color comes out much more subtle once you wash it off. 

The “natural brown” is just a true, not-too-dark brown and “blue black” is just really black. 

The Process

First, I mix the color with the developer liquid. I squeeze a pea-sized amount of the dye into the glass bowl and then add a few drops of liquid. I mix it up with the mascara wand really well and then wait for a couple of minutes. 

Then, I apply the mixture just like I would normal mascara or brow gel. 

For my brows, I don’t get too worked up about the shape or staying within certain lines. I just kind of swipey swipe until my brows are covered. If any dye gets on my skin around my brows, I’ll just use a q-tip to wipe it off quickly. 

For lashes, I have to be a little more careful just because the dye stings if you get it on your waterline or eyeball. So I just go slowly and try to not get too close. I do both my upper and lower lashes, using a q-tip to clean it up if I need to. 

Once the dye is on, I wait 10 minutes. If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll do a nose strip at the same time. It’s a look. 

When the timer goes off, I use a makeup wipe to gently remove the dye from my brows and lashes. Then, I’ll use a cleansing balm to make sure everything is off. 

Sometimes my brows look a little intense for a day or two but it fades pretty quickly. 

The entire situation lasts 3 weeks or so, so I end up doing this on average about once a month. It really is so easy. 

how to tint eyebrows and eyelashes at home

A note about plucking: 

I hardly ever pluck my eyebrows because I’ve been basically spending my entire twenties trying to grow them back out after a particularly trigger-happy stage in college. So I just kind of live with the peach fuzz around them and will intervene if anything obnoxious comes up. Occasionally, I’ll get them waxed professionally if I have an event or vacation or something–maybe once or twice a year nowadays–and I always tell them to JUST GET THE FUZZ NOT THE BROWS PLEASE. 

Okay, I think I covered everything, but let me know if you have any other questions. Happy tinting!

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