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In-Flight Listening

We have Tyler to thank for this post idea. 

Every few months, we do an “In-Flight Reading” list, summarizing our favorite reads of the season. 

However, Tyler has found himself in the midst of a terrible reading drought. We’ve all been there–no book sounds interesting and you can’t get into anything you pick up. You circle the drain of scrolling Twitter and Instagram until your eyes glaze over. It’s the worst. 

I don’t know how to help him. I’ve made book suggestions, scheduled dedicated reading time at night, talked relentlessly about all of the things I’m learning from my latest reads. And yet the drought persists. I feel bad for him but at this point he’s really just doing it to himself. 

I kept reminding him, “If you don’t read anything, you won’t have anything to mention in our next book list!” 

Finally the other day, he said, “Let’s change it up and talk about podcasts for the post instead.” 

Tyler is a big podcast guy. And I am too. Ty has a long commute to work, and I listen to them on my daily walk with Char and also while I clean the house during her nap times. So efficient. 

So, “In-Flight Listening” it is. 

Today we are sharing a few of our favorite podcasts–and a specific episode from each. 

Ruth’s current favorites: 

The Tim Ferris Show

I think a ton of people know of Tim Ferris by now or at least have heard of his smash hit book The Four Hour Work Week (Ty’s mentioned this one on a booklist in the past). 

Tyler and I both really respect Tim’s creative approach to work and lifestyle design. He dives deep with his podcast guests, covering everything from daily routines to their worldviews.

Tim is my favorite interviewer, and I loved his episodes with Julie Rice, the founder of SoulCycle, and Seth Godin, entrepreneur and author of The Purple Cow. 

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast 

I started following Lauryn Evarts’ wellness and beauty blog a few years ago. She is VERY honest and VERY funny, two qualities I value highly. My sister and I always joke that if Lauryn told us to jump off a cliff, we would. 

(Examples of her recommendations that I now can’t live without: It Cosmetics CC Cream for dewy coverage, Replenix SPF 50 for sun protection every second, rosehip oil for the concluding step of my night time skin routine, this ice roller for the puffies, and my trusty collagen eye pads that I use every morning while I pump, just to name a few). 

Lauryn and her husband Michael have a podcast and it’s more of the same. While their topics expand far beyond beauty and wellness, the cheeky, witty, and transparent tone remains the same. They are so entertaining and have amazing guests. 

My favorite episode they’ve done was with Kelly Leveque of Be Well by Kelly. I’ve talked about Kelly Leveque’s book on RBTH before and am a huge proponent of her nutrition philosophy.  This episode is a great overview of the way Kelly thinks about food, cravings, and balancing blood sugar to promote a calm and healthy way of living.

Bad on Paper 

Listening to Bad on Paper is like chatting with a girlfriend over a glass of red wine. I picture Grace Atwood and Becca Freeman to be my two Brooklyn-dwelling, book-reading besties. They are hilarious, honest, and relatable. 

Grace and Becca have a monthly book club and dedicate one episode a month to discussing the current pick. It has been SO cathartic for me to listen to these two hash out a few of the books I’ve read this year. 

My favorite episode so far was when they had Robinne Lee, the author of The Idea of You, on to talk about her writing process and the inspiration behind the stunning characters in her book. This was absolutely fascinating, but don’t listen unless you’ve read it!! 

Ty’s Current Favorites: 

The Modern Acre

By far my favorite podcast is…. my own. Yes, that’s right. I have a podcast. It’s quite a conversation icebreaker, especially when I tell people that the podcast is all about agriculture. 

My brother and I started the podcast a year and a half ago (we’re 75 episodes deep!) to create a place for the next-generation to connect and learn about business and innovation in agriculture, on and off the farm. 

I’m sure I will talk more about The Modern Acre on the blog, but for now, definitely give it a listen or share it with anyone you know who is interested in ag.

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan is not a surprising pick. He has one of the most popular podcasts available. Joe does long form interviews (I’m talking 1-3 hours) with interesting people of all backgrounds, careers, and perspectives. 

In such an extreme political climate right now, Joe brings a level of normal that I find super refreshing. Imagine being able to have respectful conversations with people you don’t agree with on everything! The conversations are wide-ranging and cover everything from politics to business to adventure to sports and fitness.

A recent episode that is an absolute must-listen is Joe’s interview with Naval Ravikant. Naval is somewhat of a legend in the podcast/online space. He’s most notable for being the CEO and co-founder of AngelList as well as a very successful tech investor. 

Naval has a really interesting and nuanced take on creating wealth. Some influencers crush it at making money, but they lack the overall awareness to live a balanced, healthy life. Naval does this well and has really well thought out ideas on wealth creation and the future economy. You won’t regret listening to it.

E-Comm Crew

One of the lesser-known podcasts that I have discovered is EcomCrew, which is all about the world of e-commerce. 

If you’re interested in building a business online, whether or not you are interested in creating physical products, the E-Comm Crew podcast has a ton of helpful content. It ranges from blogging to advertising to e-commerce tools to supply chain to virtual assistants. 

I’m a big fan of when the host, Mike, does “Under the Hood” episodes where he talks with entrepreneurs about their business. An interesting one I recently listened to you can find HERE

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