Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so today I’m sharing some gift ideas.

I wanted to shake things up a little, so the theme today is DUOS. I love a festive, thoughtful gift duo.

Of course, any of these things would make lovely gifts on their own, but if you’re wanting to splurge for your mom/mother-in-law/wife, maybe one of these pairings will speak to you. (and if you’re really feeling bold, go ahead and mix and match!).

The general vibe of this post is “things women want but wouldn’t buy for themselves,” which, in my opinion, encapsulates the mission behind what every Mother’s Day gift should be.

We moms live a very practical lifestyle. Everything is tactical: planning meals, dressing to chase the kids around, a constant to-do list rolling through our brains, nap schedules, grocery lists. It’s nice to be treated on Mother’s Day because we so rarely treat ourselves, you know!?


Gorjana necklace + mani/pedi

In most cases, you can’t go wrong with simple jewelry. This necklace from Gorjana is so versatile–perfect for layering or all on its own. I got this for my sister for her birthday last year and am still tempted to buy one for myself.

For a more sentimental route, this locket is stunning.

Pair a piece of jewelry with a gift certificate for a mani/pedi. Bonus points if you can make the appointment in advance for her!! Triple points if you send her out the door in time to grab an iced coffee on her way.


MASONgrey pajamas + Osea body oil

One of my goals for my thirties is going to be getting my sleepwear situation under control. For some reason, nice pajamas just scream “Woman Whose Life is Together.”

I have had my eye on MASONgrey for quite some time now. I love all of their prints so much. I think either this shorts set or this nightie would make such a cute gift.

I love the idea of pairing these pajamas with a body oil set from OSEA (or even just a bottle of the oil on its own). I can’t stop talking about their body products, and I love how they look in my shower. Use my code RUTH for 10% off our purchase.


Our Place Pan + Half Baked Harvest Cookbook

I was always skeptical about the famous Always Pan from Our Place because it seemed like people were just too into it. Now that I have one myself, I get it, and I’m obsessed. And as a second data point, my parents have one too and they are just as enthusiastic as I am.

This pan is next level. It’s so easy to clean (almost laughably so), and everything just turns out way better on it–crispier chicken, fluffier eggs, you get the idea.

It looks like the pan is on sale this week so don’t wait to grab it! And the Perfect Pot is too–a safe bet for someone who already has and loves the pan.

I would pair this with the new cookbook from Half Baked Harvest, written by Tieghan Gerard, a woman who has patiently shepherded most of us millennials into a positive relationship with cooking. She NEVER misses.

Now let me be very, very clear: this gift duo is only appropriate for someone who genuinely loves cooking and gleans intense joy from creating new recipes. This is not for the new mom who is stressing about finding time to get dinner on the table. Those moms get jewelry and spa days–are we clear?


Lake robe + Kindle

This pairing is for the homebodies among us. Lake is one of my favorite brands to give gifts from because the material of their pieces is soft and cooling, and the quality is unmatched. I love this robe–it looks like the strap is attached which is, I presume, a game-changer.

Pair this robe with the perfect gift for someone who is trying to read more: a Kindle. I absolutely love my Kindle for reading outside and travel. I also used mine nonstop during those early months of newborn life when I only had one hand to spare during the many hours of day and nighttime breastfeeding.


APL sneakers + CALPAK duffel bag

This pairing is for the mom on the go–someone who is either busy planning their next Europe trip or who even just needs a little upgrade for their daily gym excursion.

I have had my eye on these sneakers from APL for years, and this CALPAK duffel bag is constantly out of stock. It is so cute, and it looks like the black color is in stock right now.

Nespresso Vertuo machine + milk frother

I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without my Nespresso machine. If the mom in your life doesn’t have one yet, chances are she’s either hanging on by a thread or filled with some kind of superhero adrenaline that I don’t have access to. I love my morning “Odacio” pod and my afternoon iced “leggero” pod that I use to make a little iced wellness latte.

Tyler uses it all day every day too, so this is really a gift for the whole family.

This link leads to the exact machine we have and love, and it also comes with a milk frother, making this the perfect duo. I use the milk frother on days when I’m feeling just a little extra or want to impress a guest. It really is worth the hype.

Farmgirl bouquet + spa facial

This is a good pairing for the minimalist, someone who either hates storing “things” or whose style is so particular that you’re scared to pick anything out on their behalf.

Enter Farmgirl Flowers. I’ve never seen a bouquet from Farmgirl that didn’t make my jaw drop. You can’t go wrong with the “fun-sized wrapped bouquet,” seriously. My tip? Have these delivered the Friday before Mother’s Day so she can enjoy them all weekend long.

It looks like they are offering 20% off right now with code MUMSTHEWORD–go ahead and place your order team!

A facial at a local spa would be the perfect accompaniment to this gorgeous bouquet. If you happen to be local to San Diego, I recommend CLEO in La Jolla or Spa Kingston in Banker’s Hill.

Another logistical tip: if you’re trying to make an appointment in advance and don’t know what to schedule, I suggest booking the spa’s signature facial or a hydrafacial–can’t go wrong!


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