The Best Affordable Skincare Products on Amazon

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This week I’m sharing my favorite skincare products from Amazon. 

While inching closer to 30 years old doesn’t really bother me (I am, in fact, very excited), I’ve started slowly bringing out the skincare big guns. Aging doesn’t worry me as long as I look good, is that vain of me to say? Yes, it is. Just ignore me. 

And while I have certainly made my share of skincare splurges this past year, I love finding affordable products and tools. Gives me a real thrill. 

Here is a list of my favorite skincare items from Amazon. I’ve been using most of these items for years, so consider them my “tried and trues,” if you will. 


Facial Steamer: This is for girls like me who live for an at-home spa experience. I don’t get facials ever and am really big on at-home skincare (obviously?). I like to treat myself to an at-home spa night once or twice a week. I love listening to a podcast and doing a mask or tinting my brows, whatever strikes my fancy that particular night. It’s relaxing, alright? One of my favorite things to do on said spa nights is steam my face. I love this one from Amazon because it’s affordable and works REALLY well. My skin feels so glowy and clean after. Recently I unlocked a new ritual that I’ve coined the “In Bed Facial.” I wash my face, fill up the steamer with water, and then plug it in next to my bed. Then I just put my feet up and let it run the full 8 minute cycle right into my face. I’ve almost never been more relaxed. 

Ice Roller: If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know that I married a person who brings coffee and my ice roller to me in bed every single morning. (If you ever hear me complain about my life just slap me in the face). The ice roller instantly wakes me up and helps my face de-puff (that’s a verb, right?). I love to roll it all over my face but especially on my jawline. I store it in the freezer overnight for max coldness.


Eye pads: These are another crucial step in my morning routine. After I ice roll, I slap these babies on. These cooling eye pads are super cheap and made with green tea and caffeine so they help with the puffies, too. 

Collagen Sheet Masks: I love these for travel or events. The trick is to store them in the refrigerator overnight so they are super cold and refreshing. Sheet masks couldn’t be more impractical but these are fun for a boost of hydration on special occasions. 

Naturium Hyaluronic Serum: This a very good, no-nonsense hyaluronic acid serum. I would recommend this to someone who might struggle with dry, dull skin and is new to the skincare game. Use morning and night after cleansing, before moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid helps your skin hold onto moisture, so it helps plump, fill in fine lines, and keep your skin hydrated. Hydrated skin = healthy skin. 

Black Suction Mask: Bye, bye blackheads!! This is the same idea as a Biore nose strip but just gentler and gets into the creases a bit more. I like to use this after the facial steamer to pull everything out. I use the Glossier Solution toner after. 

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré: This is my all-time favorite daytime moisturizer. The best part is that it doubles as a makeup primer, so it lays really nicely and doesn’t pill or get weird under SPF or tinted moisturizer. This moisturizer provides a smooth base and helps your skin not get flaky or dry halfway through the day. I think I mentioned this once in my weekly newsletter, but I did a photoshoot for Kindred Bravely a few months ago and had my makeup done beforehand. The makeup artist started dabbing some of this product onto my skin, and I couldn’t stop myself from telling her that I had already put some on that morning. She told me that usually only people in the beauty industry know of this product, to which I responded that I’ve been lurking in the shadows of the beauty industry since 2012. I was beaming, lol.

COSRX Pimple Patches: If these didn’t win the Nobel, they should have. I use these overnight if I even SENSE a potential zit forming underground, lol. They work almost every time. I try very very very hard not to pick my pimples and put one of these on overnight instead. The package comes with a few different sizes. The patches are pretty effective when I need them to be. 

Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm: This is not my absolute favorite cleansing balm (that award has to go to Green Clean by Farmacy), but it is really good for the price. I like this for a good old fashioned double cleanse at night or for a little facial massage in the morning. 

Weleda Skinfood: The original “bang for your buck” skincare product. I once saw this referred to in Into the Gloss as a La Mer dupe and really never looked back. Be warned, this product is very thick and not for the faint of heart–I often compare it to an overnight mask. I wake up in the morning with hydrated, happy skin after using this. 

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