My San Diego Bucket List for Summer

San Diego travel guide

Today I’m sharing my San Diego bucket list for summer. Cheesy, sure, but bear with me. 

I’ve never done a post like this before! 

Normally, my travel posts/guides center around things we’ve actually done and enjoyed or restaurants that we loved, etc. Today’s post is a departure in that a lot of this list includes things we haven’t done yet. 

What can I say? I’m a little eager over here. 

With the pandemic putting a pause to our exploration of San Diego this last year, I’ve been ITCHING to get out and about. I am so excited for this summer, and I can’t wait to trott the girls out all around the county, lol. 

Since we are living further south this year, I focused on San Diego itself for the most part. 

My San Diego summer bucket list: 

Balboa Park: Somehow we have never taken the girls to Balboa Park! There’s a ton to do here and it’s pretty close to our house, so we can just tackle it a little bit at a time. I want to do the Natural History Museum, the Railroad Museum (Char will lose her mind), and the gardens. 

Spend a weekend in Coronado: I’m so excited because Tyler and I are going to do this over our anniversary weekend in August. We’ll have drinks at the Del, ride bikes around the island, actually relax and eat a fancy brunch, the whole nine. I love Coronado but haven’t spent more than a few hours there at a time, so I’m really looking forward to it. 

Little Italy Mercato: Everyone is just always going on and on about how magical the farmers’ market in Little Italy is, and I’ve been up to my ears in FOMO over it! Tyler and I did try to take the girls a couple of months ago, but we drove around looking for parking for 20 minutes with the girls both in hysterics in the backseat. We ended up bagging it, but I’m determined to go again this summer. (If you have any advice for parking in Little Italy now is not the time to hold back). 

Rooftop Cinema Club: I’m DYING to go see a movie at the Rooftop Cinema Club. I have to say that this reminds me of something Dan and Vanessa would do together in Gossip GIrl and for that reason it gives me the heebies. I’m willing to look past that, though, because I’ve heard the views and vibes are incredible. 

Picnic at Kate Sessions Park: My little sister’s best friend is very cool and constantly doing fun and adventurous things. She graciously helped me with this list, and this cute park in Pacific Beach was one of her recommendations. The views look amazing, and we are going to take the girls for a picnic here ASAP! 

Bike around the harbor and have lunch in Seaport Village: I’ve done this before but never with the girls! Tyler and I finally got our family bike situation squared away (perhaps you’ve seen the magic that is Bike Helmet Emmie over on IG?), so I am HYPED about going on bike rides all summer long. 

Padres Game: Petco Park is one of the most magical places on earth (and I’m really more of an NFL girl, so that says something). I’ve always loved Padres games, and going for the first time this year was kind of an emotional experience? The team is doing really well right now, so the energy is so fun. A few weeks ago, Tyler and I went to a game when a lower-tier team from Northern California that he roots for was in town, and we had so much fun. You can never go to too many Padres games, in my opinion, so I’m trying to go back soon. 

Torrey Pines Glider Port: Tyler, if you don’t take me to watch the sunset here with a blanket and a four-pack of Modern Times IPA’s in tow soon, so help me. This spot is supposed to be one of the best lookouts in San Diego. 

Kayak in La Jolla: I actually mentioned this on my La Jolla Travel Guide last month. We haven’t yet done this but everytime we walk around La Jolla Cove we see kayakers and it looks like so much fun! La Jolla has truly the prettiest piece of coastline, and I feel like this would be such a special way to experience it. 

Tower 23 in PB: This boutique hotel on the water in PB looks so juicy, and I can’t wait to grab a drink here and watch the sunset. 

Liberty Station: We’ve done this a few times but I wanted to include it because I think it’s so fun to do with kids. We like to grab food at Liberty Public Market or Moniker and then let Char and her scooter loose on the walkways around the water. There’s also an amazing park there that she’s obsessed with. I’m also wanting to get back to Stone Brewery at Liberty Station. 

A few restaurants on my to-do list: Herb & Wood, Ironside, Born & Raised, and Gelati & Peccati. , 

San Diego travel guide

What’s on your San Diego summer bucket list?  LMK if I missed anything crucial! If you end up doing anything on this list, tell me how it goes and also should we go together? Lol. 

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