Peloton Bike Review

Peloton Review

Tyler and I have been using the Peloton Bike+ since the end of December. I figured it was time to put together a post about our experience with it so far. 

The Peloton Bike+ is a big investment ($2500 for the bike and accessories), so I’ll do my best to give a detailed review in case there are others considering the purchase! I asked for questions about the Peloton on my Instagram this week, too, so I folded my answers into this post and think I covered everything. 

In reality, I knew we’d love it even before the bike arrived. I had used both my mom’s and sister’s every now and then, so I was already hooked. 

Since having Emmie and moving to University City, Tyler and I both have struggled to get back into a consistent exercise routine. I fell off Kayla’s BBG after about 5 weeks in the fall. At the time Emmie was on a crazy schedule, and I just couldn’t get into the groove. That was the third time I’ve done BBG, too, and I think I may have finally burnt out from all the repetition (and the burpees, lol). 

I was beginning to feel discouraged, like I would never be able to get back in shape after having Emmie.

We had been talking about getting the bike for a couple of years now and finally decided to order it in November. We wanted the Peloton for its convenience and efficiency. And that’s exactly what we got.  

The Peloton has totally transformed my fitness journey this year.

Between the variety of instructors and class formats, every day I have something new to look forward to. I always tell Tyler that I feel like I’m part of some elite gym in NYC. 

We keep the Peloton in the corner of our living room which is a bit of an eye sore but a constant, not-so-subtle reminder to get our butts in gear. All things considered, the bike is actually pretty compact compared to a treadmill. 

Since we use the screen on the bike for our strength workouts, too, we’ve moved most of our free weights into the living room. It’s obnoxious, but whatever. 

The Bike+ and the app 

The bike itself is awesome. It’s smooth and comfortable for both of us, although I do know some people who have ordered a seat cushion. 

We have the new version, Peloton Bike+, with the swivel screen, so it’s easy to rotate the screen around during strength classes and bike bootmaps (bike/strength combo classes that leave me in a puddle of sweat by the end of the first circuit). Seriously, the swivel screen is clutch. 

The monthly membership costs $39 per household. This doesn’t even compare to the cost of doing multiple Soul Cycle or Orange Theory classes per week (obviously taking the initial cost of the bike out). . 

Tyler and I each have our own profile on the bike which connects to the app on our phones. I love tracking my workouts and seeing my progress. The profile saves your “output” scores from each ride, the combination of resistance and cadence (basically how hard you are working). It’s fun and motivating for me to see how far I’ve come. I also love seeing how many little blue dots I can get in a row on my calendar, indicating that I completed at least one class that day. 

A couple of people asked if they can use the Peloton app with any fitness bike. The answer is yes, but it might be challenging to follow along with the class cues and track your output, since the bike wouldn’t be able to log your resistance and cadence, if that makes sense. However, I do think anyone can and should use the Peloton app for other workouts like strength, yoga, and stretching.

Our workout routine with the Peloton

Lately Tyler and I have both been working out around noon. Tyler will take a break from work, help me get the girls settled with their lunches, and then jump on the bike or start a strength workout. Then, when he’s done, we get both girls down for their afternoon naps, and then I’ll jump on. 

I use either the bike or the classes on the app almost every day. The workouts are HARD. 

I love “stacking” my classes. For example, if I have 45 minutes to workout, I’ll do a 30-minute bootcamp class, a 5-minute core class, and a 5-minute stretch. Alternatively, I’ll do a 20-minute strength class, a 15-minute hill ride, and a 10-minute stretch at the end. You get the idea, and the options are endless. 

Each week, I try to do a few bootcamps, a few strength workouts, and at least one or two traditional rides. Between all of that, I would say I get on the bike itself around 4-5 times per week. I try to complete one stretching session each day because I’ve been SORE and know it’s what my body needs. 

Tyler has been doing roughly the same, although he weighed himself over the weekend and has decided to bump up to two-a-days for the time being, lol. So he’s been getting up early to do a 20 minute ride all week and does a strength circuit at lunchtime as well. 


Oh, you mean my best friends/heroes? 

My favorite instructors for rides and bootcamps are Cody Rigsby, Jess Sims, Tunde Oyeneyin, and Emma Lovewell. For strength workouts, I like Adrian Williams and Chase Tucker (I love Jess Sims’ strength workouts too). I love Jess and Matty Maggiacomo’s stretching sessions. 

It’s rare that I come across an instructor that I feel “meh” about. They are all FAB. They use the best music and it seems like they all truly put their everything into each class. 

Built in “me time”

Prior to COVID–and also before having a second baby–my “me time” was going to class at The Bar Method. I’d listen to a podcast or call a friend on the drive and then check out for an hour during the class. I lived for those workouts. They centered me. 

Now, I have to be a lot more efficient in order to get my “me time.” Having the Peloton right here in the house helps me with this so much. 

Running on new-mom fumes and half-empty mugs of cold coffee, it’s difficult for me to summon the focus to stay on track during a workout. 

With Peloton, I simply have to show up, choose a class, and press start. These instructors are world-class and motivate me to get in the zone right away. 

I’m still a little ways away from feeling totally like myself again, but I feel strong and fit. 

Even on my most ragey mom days, it’s impossible for me to finish a workout in a bad mood. If I only have time for a 15-minute low impact class, I still dismount the bike feeling like an Olympian. It’s crazy. 

I’m happy to answer any more questions about the bike or the app! If you do decide to pull the trigger, use code GRMBT8 for $100 off shoes and accessories.

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