Prime Day Beauty Deals

Prime Day Beauty Deals

Okay I’m going to make this intro brief, as I am scrambling like an absolute madwoman trying to get this list of the best Prime Day beauty deals posted before nap time is over. 

I usually try not to go too crazy on Prime Day, but they GET me with these beauty deals!! There are tons of awesome sales this year–on some “ride or die” products as well as a few things I’ve been wanting to try. 

I put together a quick little roundup here of the best Prime Day beauty deals I found on my lightning-speed (but thorough, I assure you) browse.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask: This product is LEGIT. I use it every night before bed, like some sort of religious ritual, and every morning I wake up with–dare I say it–pillowy soft lips. I’ve found this product works to help heal dry cracked lips over time. I’ve used it nightly for about 5 years now and have never had an issue with my lips cracking, even on cold winter days. This also makes an adorable gift. 

Elta MD UV Glow Tinted Mineral SPF: I have been on a bender this summer to find the best tinted mineral SPF product in order to replace my holy-grail Glowscreen (love it so much but trying to move in the direction of mineral). So far the best I’ve found is from Elta MD. I’ve been using their normal tinted SPF, but I am VERY excited to try this “glow” version because I have a feeling it will put me closer towards the illuminating effect of Glowscreen. 

Mario Badescu Aloe Facial Spray: A trusty pal on the driest of days, this cooling facial spray is the perfect pick-me-up for haggard 3pm skin. I used to keep it at my desk at work (lol), and I LOVE to bring it on flights. This set comes with a full and travel size for an amazing price. 

Elemis Cleansing Balm: Is today the day I finally give the cult-following Elemis cleansing balm a try? This deal feels too good to be true, so I probably will throw it in my cart. I’ve been wanting to see how it compares to the Farmacy cleansing balm that I’m so passionate about (do I see a comparison blog post in my future?). 

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo + Conditioner Duo: Okay, now this is a GREAT deal on Pureology’s Hydrate duo. The set comes with both a shampoo and conditioner for 30% their normal price–a much better discount than even during the Sephora sale! I’m definitely stocking up. I love this line so much. It smells SO refreshing and makes my hair really soft. 

Unite 7 Seconds Detangler: This is the best detangler on the market, in my opinion, and I’m so pleased to see it on Amazon (and part of Prime Day!). I also love that it comes in a travel size too–how convenient! 

Oribe Dry Styling Set: It took me a few months to figure out how the heck to use Oribe’s dry texturizing spray, but finally my friend gave me the low-down: you spray it *only* at the roots and then use your fingers to tousle and add some lift and texture to the roots. Now, I love it! I like to use it after I curl my hair, during the same step that I brush out the curls to add some volume and beachy texture. It also works miracles on second (and third) (and fourth) day hair. This set comes with a full sized bottle of the texturizing spray as well as a travel size of the same and a travel size of their dry shampoo. 

Living Proof Dry Shampoo Value Size: This is still my favorite dry shampoo, after years of trying a bunch of different brands. It actually cleans your hair and leaves zero residue. I bought this value size last year during Prime Day and it lasted me forever. 

COSRX Acne Pimple Patch: It’s the craziest thing: if I don’t have these on hand, my face can sense my overconfidence and serves me up with a million hormonal pimples the next day. So I try to get ahead of things and keep these stocked at all times. I use these overnight when I can feel an “underground” zit forming, and I swear they work every time, like magic. I think Tyler might make fun of me for wearing them if he didn’t also ask for one every now and again too, ha! These packs come with a bunch of different sizes which is actually so nice. Just go ahead and get the four-pack while this deal is running. 

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