Some Gift Ideas

Some Gift Ideas

I hope everyone is having the most amazing holiday season so far!

I am caught somewhere between sensory overload and wanting to enjoy every single second of watching the girls experience Christmas. It’s been so much fun, especially because last year was a bit grim with COVID.

Anyway, today’s post is basically just a giant list of gift ideas. Ideally, we’d all have gotten our holiday shopping done on or before Black Friday, but personally I get just totally overwhelmed with all of the sales. I’m not as quick on the draw as I should be, so I’m still putting the finishing touches on my present list.

For the last month or so, I had been sharing “mini gift guides” each week on my Friday morning newsletter. Today’s post combines those and features a handful of new gift ideas, too.

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Toddlers + Babies

Babycinno Maker Toy Set: Both of my girls love their play coffee maker–possibly because their understanding of adulthood is just walking back and forth from the Nespresso machine all day? I absolutely love this one from Tender Leaf Toys (my FAVE toy brand). This could also be a good way to test and see if your toddler is into the kitchen thing before actually making the investment into a big toy kitchen? 

Fire Engine Wooden Play Set: This fire truck set is just beyond adorable. So cute for boys and girls alike! Would look so cute in a play area. 

Hearth & Hand Doll House: Before Charlotte’s birthday earlier this month, I went on a major bender trying to find a cute dollhouse for her room. I wanted a beautiful wooden one that we could keep forever and maybe even pass down, is that too much to ask!? Turns out, it kind of is too much to ask–most of the beautiful, wooden dollhouses on the market are priced for trust-fund babies only. Well, team, Joana saves the day yet again with her line at Target. The exact one we got Char is sold out now, but this one is still in stock in a few stores and looks so cute. Charlotte plays with hers nonstop, and it looks gorgeous in her room. 

Mouse in a Box: It’s difficult to describe the extent of Char’s obsession with these mice in a box. She has two–a little sister and a big sister, and she keeps them in her dollhouse. Lately, she’s been doing this thing where she puts them down for night-night, turns out the lights in her room, and shuts the door behind her. If anyone in the family so much as steps into the hallway near her room she yells “SHHH DON’T GO IN THERE. MY MOUSIES ARE SLEEPING.” 

Mushie Stacking Cups and Teething Rings from Amazon: These stacking cups from Mushie on Amazon were Emmie’s favorite toy her entire first year of life. And I’d constantly be flinging her these teething bracelets in the car when she’d start to fuss. Mushie’s entire line is aesthetically on-point, all perfect stocking stuffers for babies.

Beanie and Socks from Zara: Zara is one of my favorite places to shop for the girls, especially for fall and winter stuff. 

Bows from Etsy: This is my favorite shop on Etsy for bows for the girls, and I love to throw a few in each of their stockings. 

Shop Plain Jane Pajamas: I’m stocking up on some jammies for the girls–I love the Clare Floral. They are the softest, most cuddly jammies we own. 

Tubby Todd Bath Bombs and Bubble Bath: These are the best bath bombs and bubble bath. (Use my link for 10% off!).


The girl who’d rather be reading

The Comfort Book: This is a little collection of essays and thoughts by Matt Haig, all about life and mental health and connection. Looks adorable on a nightstand. 

Barefoot Dreams Blanket: I can’t read without burying myself under my Barefoot Dreams blanket, the only safety blankie I’ve ever had. This is something every girl wants but would never buy for themselves, therefore making it a perfect gift! 

Library Stamp: How cute is this custom stamp for labeling books!?

Persephone Books: This would make such a unique, one-of-a-kind gift for a reader. This small publishing company is based in Bath, England and works to bring once-neglated works by female writers in the 20th century to life. SO cool, right? All of their books are beautifully bound with a vintage patterned endpaper and matching bookmark. I picked up Little Boy Lost by Marghanita Laski on a trip to England a few years ago, and it remains one of my favorite books of all time. If you’re stumped on which title to choose, maybe go with a gift card, OR big and gift a 6-month subscription to the reader in your life. 


The girl who can’t stop booking trips

CALPAK Packing Cubes: What can I say? I’m a Packing Cube Girl. I have such a hard time staying organized when we travel, and these have made a huge difference for me–especially when it comes to packing all of the girls’ stuff. This cute packing cube set from CALPAK is so chic and shows me there really is no limit to the number of leopard print accessories I’d like to own. 

Beis Weekender: This weekender is at the very top of my Christmas list. I love the strap options, the laptop sleeve, and the ginormous shoe compartment on the bottom. I also like how you can slide it over the handle of a roller bag to secure it during travel days. 

Alo Muse Ribbed Jogger + Sweatshirt Set: My mom got me this magical set last year for my birthday, and then each of my sisters went out and bought their own too. (Can’t wait for Christmas this year, just 3 gargantuan blondes, sporting ribbed neutrals from head to toe). I love this set for long flights because you look adequately put together but are also secretly level 10 cozy. 

Hotel Lobby Candle: Every night before I fall asleep, I think about the scent in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton in Osaka and wonder how many more years I will need to wait to experience it again. In the meantime, Hotel Lobby Candles exist.  I am just dying to try all of the different scents. This would be such a perfect gift for the avid traveler.

Silk Sleep Mask: I always had a really hard time falling asleep on airplanes until I got a silk sleep mask. These are lightweight and don’t bug my eyes or skin at all. They help block the light from the bathroom, your seatmate’s reading light, the fasten seatbelt sign, etc. 


New mom (any mom)

Nespresso: Both of our families switched over to a secret santa gift exchange a few years ago, and THANK GOODNESS. It’s just not cute to buy presents for everyone once your immediate family count is up to 17. So now we just have to buy one gift. My family is extra over the top about it and won’t let anyone share a wishlist, so you’re kind of going in blind. My dad drew me last year, and he (my mom) got me a nespresso!! It was the best gift ever. This has streamlined our morning routines, and although the pods can get pricey, we have actually saved quite a bit this year on making our own afternoon coffees at home as opposed to going out for them. This one comes with the milk frother which is great for when you need a 15 min escape to Italy. 

Vuori Joggers: It’s hard to feel like yourself as a new mom, and living in sweats all day certainly doesn’t help. I love these joggers so much because they fit well but are also just ridiculously soft. (These run really short, so go with the “Long” cut if your recipient is at all tall!). 

Lake Lounge Set: What mom doesn’t deserve a bougie pajama set? (I think a goal for my 30’s is to swap out all ratty t-shirts for actually matching sets?!). Lake makes the best pajama and lounge sets. 

Lululemon Align Leggings with Pockets: Chances are, the mom in your life already knows about or has a pair of these life-saving leggings. They recently came out with a version that have pockets, and THAT is what innovation looks like, people. For the mom who *literally* has her hands full at all times. 


Under $50 

Dior Addict Lip Balm: This one of my favorite luxury beauty items. It’s a lip balm that basically just enhances your natural lip color and adds just the slightest bit of pigment. It’s display-worthy and a perfect little stocking stuffer. 

Slip Scrunchie Set: These silk scrunchies are gentle on your hair and come in the cutest colors. 

Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: I thought cooking was such a snooze until I started following Tiegan Gerard from Half Baked Harvest. I have learned SO much from her creative recipes the past few years. I have both of her cookbooks now but find myself reaching for the “Super Simple” one more (go figure lol). Also, I would like to note that I think cookbooks only make a good gift when it’s to someone who already loves to cook, haha. 

Barefoot Dreams Socks: This is a very safe gift that nearly everyone can appreciate. Who doesn’t love a cozy sock? I also love the plaid

Gorjana Huggies: I love these cute gold huggie earrings. I feel like these would make a perfect gift for a sister-in-law or best friend.  

Pick-A-Pom Beanie from Anthro: My best friend got me one of these last year for Christmas, and I absolutely love it. It’s a cute gift because you get to mix and match the base and topper, too. 


Your husband’s stocking

Vice Golf Balls: Tyler loves these bougie golf balls, and they come in such cute colors! Last year I got him the Sacramento Kings version which was a huge hit. Perfect stocking stuffer the guy who “wishes he golfed more than he did.” 

Vuori Lounge Shorts: I feel like every dude has the same nasty pair of sweatshorts. You know the ones: cut off above the knee, gym-class grey, probably a stain or two that he doesn’t realize is there. Recently we “lost” Tyler’s, so I replaced them with these Ponto shorts from Vuori. These are the same fabric as their bestselling joggers, so you can bet your man will wear these into the ground. 

Vuori Cozy Beanie: This is a perfect example of something that a boy needs but would never buy himself. We go to the snow once or twice a year, and every time, without fail, Tyler turns the house upside down looking for a beanie. 

Yeti Tumbler: For anyone whose husband is working hard to channel RIp-from-Yellowstone vibes, this Yeti tumbler is a great alternative to opening a new credit card to pay for a full-sized cooler. Tyler uses his on morning walks to the park with the girls. 

Whiskey Cube + Square Tray: I swore off whiskey in 2013, but it seems like people who drink whiskey love to do it with an oversized piece of ice? Tyler loves these, and I have to admit they do look really cute in a fancy glass

Fancy Playing Cards: For the household that never seems to have a full deck on hand. These are SO cute.  

Books: I am not a man, but I *think* these are a few good ideas—Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead, Empire of Pain by Patrick Radden Keefe, The Bomber Mafia by Malcom Gladwell, Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday, and Think Again by Adam Grant.

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