Summer Packing List

Summer Packing List

It’s not too soon for this, is it? 

I am the type of person who, for better or worse, begins planning my outfits for a trip well before I even book the flights for it. 

Tyler and I are jetting off on a romantic getaway in a few weeks, and let’s just say I have spent a LOT of time methodically mapping out my wardrobe. 

I also feel like this trip is my coming out party, lol. 

Carrying, birthing, and nursing a second child all in the midst of a pandemic has been kind of intense. 

Now that I’m (almost fully) vaccinated and feeling WAY more like my self (can do a separate post on the roller coaster of my postpartum fitness journey another time?), I am READY to take some much needed time away with Tyler. 

So anyway, I’m excited and have been slowing but surely cleaning out my closet and making room for some new pieces that I feel confident in this season. Call it my “Hot Mom Summer”? 

Today I’m sharing a few new items that I’m in love with and will be packing on our trip. 

(I’ve already linked a handful of these as I found them in my weekly newsletters–subscribe here to get on the list!). 

Ridiculously flattering swim suit:

The high-waisted swim trend couldn’t have come at a better time, WHO’S WITH ME. And while I love a luxury L*Space suit as much as the next girl, sometimes the budg’ doesn’t allow for that type of splurge, you know? 

I’m very excited about Aerie’s entire swim line, but I love these high waisted bikini bottoms the most. Also, this crossover ribbed version is incredible. These are so flattering–they hit right were you need them to on the waistline and are higher cut to help elongate the leg. I got this top to go with. Love this light blue floral print and the leopard too.

A romantic and vibey sundress: 

This dress is dreamy–it looks and feels way more expensive than it is and the color is just so fun for summer. 

A versatile button down shirt: 

This was a splurge for me a couple of months ago, but I’ve already worn it so many times. This shirt is so comfy and has proven to be one of the most versatile pieces in my closet. I’ve worn it to dinner with jeans and booties, half tucked into baggy jean shorts, and plan on wearing it open as a swim coverup on the trip. I have it in white and am so happy with it. 

High-waisted shorts: 

There shorts go up to my rib cage and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are also slightly longer in the back which is really nice for when I’m squatting on the ground rummaging in my diaper bag for a snack for Char. They come in black and blue denim and I think I need both? 

Easy breezy tanks: 

I love this sweater tank a lot. I have it in the tan color and it looks so cute paired with a lace bralette. And I wore this super soft henley tank knotted over a black suit last week to the beach. 


I have actually had this Target straw bag for a few years and, fortunately, they keep restocking it! This fits everything for the beach, looks adorable in photos, and is fairly affordable. 

I buy a new pair of slides from Target each summer, and they never disappoint. 

And last but not least, this chain link necklace is perfect for layering. 

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