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Tokyo, Japan

A Workaholic’s Guide to Tokyo

Last week, I flew out to Tokyo with about 12 hours of notice. I ended up having to stay through Labor Day weekend, and I’m sure you can just imagine how Ruth felt about that. Fortunately (for me), Tokyo is by far one of my favorite places I’ve traveled to for work. This sprawling metropolis...

Versailles, France

A Workaholic’s Guide to Versailles

Am I mad about spending so much time in France for work? I’ll answer that strategically: it’s better than China. By the way, if you’re confused about the format or purpose of this post, see my first Workaholic’s guide. In all reality, I have very little time to explore. However, similar to my last trip...

Paris, France

A Workaholic’s Guide to Paris

As luck would have it, I recently traveled for work back to France. I spent most of my time a few hours outside of Paris. Typically I spend most of my time abroad for work in Asia, so it’s always a nice breath of fresh air (literally) to travel elsewhere. I did have a little...

Hong Kong

A Workaholic’s Guide to Hong Kong

Before I get into my top picks for Hong Kong, I wanted to give some background for this post. We eloquently state in our Instagram bio, “follow our attempts to escape the silicon valley.” The fact that Ruth and I both have full-time jobs in the Bay Area is one of the many reasons why...