Third Trimester Update + A Few Things Saving My Life Right Now

third trimester update

Update: I am starting to become REALLY pregnant. I’m 37 weeks and feeling it big time…literally. 

In all seriousness, though, Tyler and I are so excited. 

We have been having the best days with Charlotte these last few weeks. She is learning so much, is so entertaining, and is getting more and more attached to us–something we’ve been waiting for since she was born, lol. 

We’ve bonded so much this season with Charlotte, and because of that we feel even more thankful and overwhelmed by the fact that we get ANOTHER little girl to give our love to.We cannot believe we are so blessed to get both of these girls to call our own. 

third trimester survival guide

I feel almost light headed by the gravity of it all. I’m more emotional heading into this labor and delivery than I was the first time around because I know how my heart is about to change and grow all over again. 

I have to admit that I am pretty nervous about giving birth. The whole experience was quite traumatic for me with Charlotte’s birth. Although I have spent a lot of time in prayer and talking through it with my loved ones and OB, I am still anxious to get it over with. 

I didn’t go in with a very strict birth plan last time, and it’s a good thing because the whole thing would have gone out the window. I am feeling more prepared in that I know what to expect but am not holding onto to any sort of “plan.” I just want my baby in my arms safe and sound ASAP. 

Besides the birth anxiety and inevitable nervousness about handing two under two, I feel so blessed and loved and can’t wait to meet our new daughter. 

Okay, back to the not so serious. 

There is something particularly challenging about being pregnant in the summertime, especially during the third trimester. I’m knee deep in my second round of doing so, and I am already struggling. 

There is nothing more humbling than rolling around in the heat with an extra (fill in the blank) lbs and a set of hormones that are unpredictable at best and disastrous at worst. 

Out of dire necessity, I have perfected the art of the third trimester. Although I am more type B than type A, I thrive on routines and daily rituals. I’ve buckled down and streamlined my pregnancy vibe this summer. 

I made a list of everything that has been keeping me cool, comfortable, and sane so far this trimester.

My Third Trimester Survival Pack:

Auden Nursing Bras from Target

I know, it’s a little soon to be busting out the nursing bras (no pun intended), but I have found that most of my normal bras aggravate my rib cage. I have been LIVING in these sleeping nursing bras from Target. They are so soft and comfy and I have to do laundry every couple of days so I always have a clean one on hand to wear. 

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter (+ any oil you can find)

My best friend sent me this belly butter when I was pregnant with Charlotte, and I’ve gone through multiple tubs since. There are tons of products like this on the market, but I’m sticking with this one because I used it religiously my first pregnancy and only got stretch marks on my love handles (and a few rogue ones on my boobs?). 

I think I read somewhere that stretch marks–or “battle scars,” as I like to call them–are genetic anyway. Either way, I think it’s still good to give yourself some extra love in those places that are doing all the hard work. 

I learned the art of the “in shower lotion up” from my mom. The second I turn the water off, I pat down quickly with a towel and then lather up with an obscene amount of lotion and oil. It’s aggressive but it’s really the only way. 

I use Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter pretty much all over and then go in for another round with almond, coconut, or this clary oil blend my friend sent me. 

Megababe Thigh Rescue 

I don’t know how many people can relate to this, but an unforeseen consequence of pregnancy weight gain for me has been the ever-cruel “chub rub” between my thighs. 

Sure, go ahead and laugh, but it’s horribly irritating!! I dab a little hydrocortisone cream when things get out of hand which helps a lot. 

As a preventative measure, I have been using the Megababe Thigh Rescue which is basically deodorant for your thighs that help create an anti-chafing barrier, lol. It actually works really well and I haven’t dealt with any rashes since I started using it! 

Ice Roller 

Another fun thing about me is that I wake up with the PUFFIEST face when I’m pregnant. I am truly indistinguishable from an elephant, which happens to be Charlotte’s favorite animal at the moment. The irony is certainly not lost here, believe me. 

I have talked about my ice roller many times on my IG stories and will probably continue to sing its praises. 

I store it in the freezer and roll it all over my face and neck when I wake up. The results are instantaneous, so much so that I think I need it more than coffee? 

It feels so soothing and helps my face come back to life before I get up to tackle the day. 

A water bottle made for only the most intense among us 

I’m constantly parched when I’m pregnant. I need water at all times, and I need the ease of access that a straw lid allows. I like to replenish my thirsty bloodstream in a timely fashion. 

When I originally started drafting up this blog post, I was going to talk about my 40 oz Hydro Flask. It’s a great water bottle that has effectively hydrated me since early 2018. However, the coating on the outside had begun to chip off a ton, causing my water to get warmer quicker. It was time for an upgrade. 

My bestie Regan sent me a link to this very hard core 40 oz water bottle from Stanley and I ordered it immediately. 

Did this delivery spark WWIII in my home when Tyler discovered another water bottle purchase? Yes. But when you are 36 weeks pregnant with a second offspring and weigh almost as much as your husband, you tend to win these types of disputes. 

I am very pleased with this bottle, as it fits easily in the cup holder on my car–something the Hydro Flask did NOT have going for it. I also find the aggressive mug-style handle very convenient. 

My only complaint so far is that it spills if it falls on its side. This morning Charlotte carelessly kicked it over and left a puddle the size of Lake Eerie next to my bed. 

Otherwise, I highly recommend it. I am only going to get thirstier once I start breastfeeding, so I’m glad I found this. 

SarahBethYoga on YouTube

Usually around 30 weeks is the time where I throw in the towel with intense workouts and transition to what I like to call the “long walks and prenatal yoga video” stage of pregnancy. 

I really love the SarahBethYoga Youtube channel for yoga videos. I especially love all of her prenatal videos because they are short, gentle, and provide just the right amount of stretching and strength work my whale-sized body needs right now. 

Charlotte loves them too and gets a huge kick out of sitting on my head during “child’s pose”. 

third trimester update

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