Valentine’s Day Roundup

Valentine’s Day Roundup

I have always loved Valentine’s Day. 

Do you guys remember in grade school when you had to bring Valentines for everyone in the class? This was such a huge deal. At my school, we’d have these big blowout class parties where everyone would shove cookies in their faces and then parade around the room passing out their Valentines.

I would spend hours on my little cardboard mailbox for the party, cutting and pasting from magazines and scouring the house for heart stickers. I’d STRESS about how to subtly distinguish my crush’s valentine from everyone else’s (Do I add an extra note? Could I be so bold as to sign off with “xoxo”!?!?). 

And then I’d walk so proudly into the classroom on Valentine’s day with a stack of ballerina valentines–ALWAYS each with heart-shaped Resse’s scotch taped on top–and my cardboard mailbox tucked under one arm. 

Later that night, I’d pour over the cards I received, studying each of them carefully and trying to decipher if anyone had a crush on me. (I remember this process always being a tad anticlimactic). 

Growing up, my mom and dad always wrote us the sweetest cards and got us little gifts too. I just loved that. Even through college my mom would send a card and my dad would email us, sometimes accompanied by a surprise $100 deposit into our paper-thin bank accounts. 

I like that my parents made an effort to show us how to celebrate all kinds of love–not just the romantic kind.

The only “bad” Valentine’s experience I had was this one time in college. I had gone on a bender trying to trick a non-dating guy into dating me. This, of course, was a colossal backfire–we all have to learn it once, right? 

Anyway, I remember on Valentine’s Day that year, which fell somewhere around the tail end of my efforts, he made a (seemingly pointed) Facebook post about feeling sorry for guys who had girlfriends on Valentine’s Day. In hindsight, the whole experience was really good for my ego, I swear, lol. 

I just think it’s such a fun and nostalgic holiday. Who cares if it was invented by greeting card companies? I’ll take any excuse to celebrate, cheesy or not. 

Today’s post is just a huge roundup of a bunch of cute Valentine’s Stuff I found on the internet.

When I’m holiday prepping or party planning, I like to be quick and ruthless about it. So I’ll sit on my computer for 2 hours one night and just bang it all out. 

This post has a little bit of everything, so we can all just knock out our V-day prep one night this week? 

There’s a few outfit ideas for kids, some cute decor, and a handful of gift ideas–nothing crazy, just a little inspo. 


Outfit ideas for kids


There is nothing cuter than a tiny person dressed up for Valentine’s Day. I am swooning over this heart sweater and these leggings from Zara. 

This H&M minnie set is seriously so cute for a Minne/Mickey obsessed toddler (like Char). I also love this little shorts set for warmer climates (like mine). 

Kyte Baby’s Valentine collection is nearly sold out, but they still have these Heart bloomers for babies in stock–I can’t!! 

Pink Vans–no further comments necessary. 

It looks like Shop Plain Jane is doing a little sale on everything pink and red on their site this week! Look how perfect these pink jammies are. These are our girls’ FAVORITE pajamas. (Discount applied automatically in cart!). 


Decor + cards


Paper Source is making it easy on us this year and offering 20% off $60+ on their website (code FLASH20). I love this heart garland and plates and napkins set–how cute would this be for a little Vday dessert party!? I’m also having a hard time passing on these gift bags and tape

Char is going to lose it when she sees this shark valentine set lol. 


Book + gift ideas for kids


My girls are on a big accessory kick right now, so these heart sunglasses and heart clip will go a long way in my house. 

I’ll probably grab a pack of these bath bombs too. 

Some classic Valentine’s Day children books: The Day it Rained Hearts, Little Blue Truck’s Valentine, and The Biggest Valentine Ever


Gift ideas for her


Listen up, dudes–I feel like high-end fitness in muted Valentine’s colors is the way to go this year. For example: this Beyond Yoga workout crop and dreamy Alo long sleeve. OR these adorable pink APL running shoes

This Skims silk pajama set looks SO luxurious. 

And you can’t go wrong with jewelry!! I love this Gorjana necklace layering set so much. 


Gift ideas for him


Boys are hard, I know, so don’t stress. Let’s just get them some nice athleisure items and move on. 

We recently discovered this brand, and they make the softest men’s t-shirts! This henley tee is so cute. 

These Ugg chukka boots are perfect for cold weather. I’m also feeling these Nikes

If all else fails, just place a Vuori order? The joggers are a staple in Tyler’s wardrobe. And I love this pullover to go with. 



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