We are Having *Another* Baby!

second pregnancy

If you follow along on Instagram, you know that we are having another baby! I’m almost 27 weeks pregnant with Nuss baby #2, and we are so thankful. 

(I’m just finally getting around to putting up this post that’s been sitting in my Google Docs since I started it months ago).

I am due on July 27th, which seems like next week and next year at the exact same time. (Charlotte was due on the 27th too–of October–but came in a terror five days late). 

we are having a baby

How we found out 

We found out really early this time, and sort of by accident. And I know only a few people care about these details, but here they are anyway. 

We decided we wanted to start trying around the time Charlotte turned one. Both of my sets of nieces and nephews are super close together in age, and so are me and my little sister, so that’s something we were pretty sure we wanted all along. We loved the idea of having two close together to have a built-in playmate. 

Anyway, I hadn’t gotten my period yet since having Charlotte because I was still breastfeeding, and I had been taking the mini pill for a few months. I decided to get off the pill in mid September because I wasn’t sure how long it would take for the hormones to get out of my system–and also because I was still breastfeeding and didn’t know if that would make it more difficult for me to get pregnant. After I stopped taking the pill, it took about 6 more weeks for my period to come back–finally around the 12 month mark. 

A few weeks later, I was at home with Charlotte and suddenly felt a wave of nausea. Always paranoid about illness, I texted Tyler and told him that I either had the stomach flu or was pregnant but was pretty sure it was the flu. He texted back that I was for sure pregnant and said he would bring home a test. 

After we put Charlotte to bed that night, I slipped back to our room with feigned nonchalance to take the test. I spent a couple of minutes studying my face mask collection before I decided to look at the screen on the test. It was positive. 

I calmly, but quickly, walked out to the living room and handed it to Tyler. We both just stared at each other wide eyed for a few seconds before I collapsed into his arms in shock. 

Finding out about this second baby wasn’t as overwhelmingly emotional as last time–I think partly because it happened so fast and partly because we were like, “oh no what have we done.” Realizing that we were going to be in charge of not one but two small children was very daunting at first (ok it still is). 

After the initial surprise wore off, we were really excited. We love Charlotte so much that it honestly hurts, and to imagine that kind of love multiplied makes me tear up just thinking about it. The idea of growing our family and adding another member to our tribe is a beautiful blessing that we couldn’t be happier about. 

I’m a little nervous about the newborn stage and juggling recovery from birth with sleep deprivation along with Charlotte’s bouncing-off-the-walls vibe she brings to the house. I’m not amazing at the newborn stage. I of course cherish the tiny tiny days, but Charlotte gave us a run for our money with both sleep and feeding issues those first couple of months. So I’m a little anxious about going through that again. 

Any nerves I have are of course completely overshadowed by my love for our growing baby inside me. I can’t imagine having my heart outside my body in two separate places now. It makes me feel like I could burst. 

we are having another baby

Pregnancy so far 

The first couple of months were horrible for me! I remember feeling exhausted and a little nauseous when I was pregnant with Charlotte but this pregnancy’s first trimester was a whole new level. 

I was SO tired and felt constantly nauseous–never throwing up, thank goodness–but just felt perpetually carsick and heavy-eyed sleepy. 

I think this round was so much worse because I’m running around the house taking care of a very busy toddler (as opposed to keeping to myself at a desk all day). Also, I breastfed her until she was 15 months–a little ways into my second trimester. I’m sure this totally zapped my energy too. 

But by 14 weeks or so, it was like a night and day difference for me. 

Since then, I’ve felt amazing. I have so much more energy and am able to workout and take care of Charlotte without any drama. As long as I get a full 9 hours of sleep at night, I can act like a normal person–and mom–for the most part. 

baby number 2
23 week bump

Body changes 

With my last pregnancy, I went a little nuts. Like, Ben & Jerry’s every night nuts. I couldn’t help myself! It was just so fun and felt like a last hurrah of our newlywed time. We celebrated every night. 

I worked out most of my pregnancy but still managed to put on 55 lbs. I know, that’s a lot of Half Baked. 

Fortunately, between breastfeeding, intermittent fasting, and 20 weeks of Kayla’s BBG program, I was able to get back to my normal self within 7-8 months postpartum without a huge amount of frustration. And while I’m encouraged by the fact that I know I can lose the weight, I’m trying to not go quite as nuts this pregnancy. 

I’m following the 80/20 rule with eating clean–meaning I still have my green smoothie every day but if I need a dark chocolate peanut butter cup then I need a dark chocolate peanut butter cup (or five), know what I mean?

I’m still working out–a long hill with with Charlotte every morning and some kind of 15-20 minute circuit afterwards–but I’m SO sad that my barre studio has been closed because of COVID-19. I use the online barre classes my studio offers, but it’s just not quite the same.

So far, I’m on track to gain a little less than the same as last time, but the quarantine is really testing me lol. 

And I’ll say this just because I think it’s so important to have perspective during this life season: yes, gaining a ton of weight is disorienting and makes me feel further from myself than I already feel. However, it doesn’t matter. 

Growing and giving birth to ANOTHER HUMAN is truly a miracle, an athletic and physical feat no male would survive, and something I am so thankful for. 

Believe me, I am trying to focus on what’s most important and making sure my babies are safe and healthy and loved and cherished. 

Preparing for TWO babies at home 

Is there really any way to prepare for this level of chaos? Something tells me you kind of just close your eyes and hope for the best? 

Charlotte is adjusting to the news of having to share the spotlight nicely. Just kidding, she doesn’t get it AT ALL. 

We are, however, hopeful that she will embrace her new role with open arms because she is literally obsessed with babies and other little kids. She is SO social, on a level that I personally can’t relate to, but I’m relieved to know that she will be happy as a clam having someone to boss around and play with. 

Charlotte’s love for others is what keeps me calm during the times where I feel most intimated about bringing another baby into the mix. She needs a playmate, and I know she is going to thrive. 

baby number2

It’s a…girl! 

I was really torn on if I wanted a boy or girl more. And of course I just wanted a healthy baby, but I think everyone leans one way or another at least a little bit! 

I wanted to have a boy because boys are so fun–and I knew Tyler would appreciate someone on his team around here–but I also really wanted Charlotte to have a sister. 

We found out around 10 weeks this time because we did the early DNA blood test. We had my sisters and mom over and did a little cupcake reveal. At first I felt a tiny bit sad for Tyler, but then I was OVERJOYED that it was a girl! 

My sisters and I are closer than close, and I consider my relationships with each of them (and our dynamic as a trio) one of the most beautiful and life-giving treasures I’ve been given. 

And while I obviously love my brother too, there is nothing more special than growing up with the unshakeable support of a sister and having someone who you can cackle like a hyena with at all hours. I can’t wait to raise our girls and see their bond grow. 

Tyler has been saying our entire marriage that he thinks we are going to have all girls, so I think he wrapped his mind (and budget forecasting) around the idea of being a #girldad a long time ago. He is the cutest dad of all time with Charlotte, so I can’t even imagine how adorable and mushy he’s going to be with TWO daughters. 

Overall, we are feeling very grateful and very excited to welcome our sweet baby girl to our squad. I’ve been nesting like an absolute maniac (another thing the quarantine has brought out in me), and we have had so much fun getting the house ready little by little for her arrival. 

And I’m ready to hear any and all advice for dealing with two under two so just LMK! 

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