What’s in my diaper bag

what's in my diaper bag

No one will care about this but other moms of babies, and even that’s a stretch. 

BUT, I found myself wondering the other day what my friend Regan keeps in her diaper bag, and then my friend Bianca, and then a few others. 

I’ve always loved reading about what other women keep in their purses or carry-ons. I guess now that I’m a mom I’d like to know about diaper bags, too. JUST MOVING ON UP IN THE WORLD. 

Back when this was *just* a travel blog, I wanted to do a post about the contents of my carry-on bag but never quite got around to it. Now, between my two baby girls and COVID-19 impeding the frequent jetsetting Tyler and I used to do, that post seems slightly less relevant. 

Since a diaper bag is the closest thing to a carry-on in my life right now, I thought it would be fun to share what I normally take with me when I am out and about with the girls. 

Diaper Bag from Little Unicorn

But first, let me tell you about my amazing new diaper backpack. 

I was NOT messing around when it came to picking out a new diaper bag when I got pregnant with baby #2. 

And yes, Tyler, I needed a new one. I used to have one from Fawn but it wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. The straps were horribly uncomfortable (you know the kind that are the same as car seat straps–why??), and I could never keep it organized. 

The criteria I had for my new diaper bag was as follows: comfortable straps, outside pockets for water bottle and phone/keys, insulated pocket for milk/snacks, and something that doesn’t scream DIAPER BAG. I also really wanted a backpack, not a messenger bag style. 

I finally landed on the Little Unicorn Skyline Backpack. It fits every piece of criteria minus the insulated pockets. (I folded on that because there is definitely space for a small lunchbox in there if need be). 

So far, I’ve been really happy with it. 

I like that it doesn’t have the brand logo or name splashed across it. I also love all of the different inside compartments AND outside pockets. It’s easy (or easier, anyway) to keep organized and makes me feel a little more sane when we are out of the house all day with the girls. 

What I keep in my diaper bag 

Solly wrap: This is a staple of the newborn stage for us. We use our Solly Baby wrap multiple times per week. It’s a bit of a pain to put on, but you get used to it. Tyler and I take turns wearing Emmie in it for naps, and it’s basically her kryptonite–she CAN’T stay awake in it, lol. 

I am obsessed with our “basil” wrap, but everything from their new fall collection is STUNNING. 

Swaddle: Call me extra, but I like having two swaddle blankets with me at all times: one muslin and one knit. 

I use one for nursing–for catching spewing milk, intercepting spit up, and wiping off Emmie’s face after. For nursing assistance, my favorite are the muslin swaddles from The Mini Scout. Their prints are the CUTEST. 

I also like having a swaddle blanket with me as a car seat blanket and for actual swaddling. The stretchiest, softest, and biggest swaddles are from Lou Lou and Company. I have seriously tried tons of brands but these are the best (Solly Baby swaddles are a close second). I also LOVE Lou Lou’s knotted gowns and sleeper sets for the newborn stage. 

Extra onesie (or two): Emmie is still in a very high maintenance stage wherein she requires multiple costume changes a day. Sigh, divas don’t rest. 

Extra t-shirt for me: It’s a hard and fast rule that if I don’t have an extra shirt with me, I’ll get spit up or poop on the one I’m wearing. My favorite ginormous tees to hide under lately are from Aerie–I have no less than five of them and wear them every day with nursing bras and leggings. I love both the “voop” and crew cut. 

Hand sanitizer: Thanks to COVID, I have a tick now where every time I get in the car I have to use hand sanitizer. And then Char needs some immediately too, so I have to twist around and give her a hand a few spritzes (and then the other, too, or she loses it). My favorite is from Sun Bum because it doesn’t smell like Patron. 

Lip balm: 2020 has brought chaos and lots of change, but the one constant is my Fresh Sugar SPF 15 Lip Balm

Diapers/wipes/changing pad in a makeup clutch: I love this little makeup bag for storing diapers, wipes, and my Gathre changing pad. It makes on-the-go changes so much easier and keeps my diaper bag organized .

Sun hat: My family may be a bit of a mess right now, but at the very least we are protected from the sun. I always keep a sun hat for Emmie with me since she’s too little for sunscreen. 

Sunscreen: Speaking of, I always have sunscreen for both Char and myself with me. We both use Sun Bum. (hers and mine). 

Portable sound machine: I used to rely on a white noise app on my phone during car seat/stroller naps, but I got tired of not being able to check my texts for hours at a time. I upgraded to this portable sound machine just a couple of weeks ago, and it works way better. It hooks easily onto Emmie’s car seat and has three different sound options (the “deep” white noise is SO soothing). 

Car seat cover: We use this for car seat and stroller naps, too. I prefer navy or black so baby’s little cocoon can be as dark as possible. This one from Covered Goods is nice because it doubles as a nursing cover (Although I personally never bother with a cover because I tend to overheat/get frazzled when I breastfeed). 

Pacifier + clip: This is Emmie’s favorite paci (I wish I had known about it with Char!). We use this clip to attach it to her car seat strap. 

Snacks for Char: Forgetting snacks for Charlotte is a quick way to turn a perfectly normal day into a catastrophe. Hypoglycemia runs in the family. 

Some of her favorites are individual packs of Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers, the Kirkland brand monster box of squeeze apple sauces from Costco, Cliff Kids Z bars (they have refined sugar but something’s gotta give). 

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